Alaska Plumbers

The State of Alaska licenses plumbers in two ways: as journeymen, or as trainees. In order to become a journeyman in Alaska, you will need to put in at least 8,000 hours of training at the trainee level. You will additionally need to take a skills test to become licensed as a journeyman and obtain what is called a certificate of fitness every other year.

Many plumbers operate through an official union in the State of Alaska. If you are seeking employment as a plumber within the state, you will likely need to join the local plumber's union in order to conduct work. To gather your 8,000 hours of experience, the State of Alaska deems that it has to be “legally” obtained experience, which means working for a journeyman plumber or organization with a journeyman plumber overseeing your work.

The only other requirements would be standard insurance requirements as in any business. If you are working for yourself, you would need to carry a general liability policy. Otherwise you will be covered by the policy of your employer.

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