Alabama Plumbers

Because plumbing is considered a skilled labor position in the State of Alabama, you either have to be a Master Plumber or be working under the direct guidance of a Master Plumber in order to actually work. In order to become a Master Plumber yourself, you will need to do the following:

  • Register as an apprenticed plumber with the state, obtain your license to be an apprentice plumber, and have viable employment for at least two years;
  • After two years or the completion of appropriate educational courses, you will take and pass your journeyman plumber exam with the state; and
  • After one year as a certified journeyman, you can apply to become a Master Plumber.

In addition to the documentation, to operate as a plumber in Alabama, you must carry with you a $2,000 cash or surety bond and appropriate levels of general liability insurance.

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