Arkansas Plumbers

In the State of Arkansas, there are five different plumbing licenses that are issued every year. What is unique about Arkansas is that these licenses expire at the end of every year on Dec. 31, so new licenses must be applied for at the end of every year no matter what.

  • Arkansas issues an apprentice, a plumber, a restricted plumber, a journeyman, and a master license. In order to become a journeyman, you must have four years of documented plumbing service. To receive a master license, you will need one year experience as a journeyman and five total years of plumbing experience.
  • A restricted license is issued for plumbers wishing to work on their own property in a non-commercial way.
  • You do not need a license to work on agricultural buildings in the state, but these buildings cannot be connected to any outgoing water or sewer lines.


Arkansas does not have any agreements with other states either, so all experiences must be obtained within the state of Arkansas to apply for licensure.

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