California Plumbers

On average, plumbers in the State of California earn about $24 per hour, which means breaking into the plumbing field in the state can be a worthwhile venture. California requires plumbers to go through an apprenticeship program in order to work independently as a plumber, but because there are only 55,000 plumbers in the entire state, these can be difficult to obtain independently. To this extent, many schools have started vocational programs that partner with plumbers so that schooling and apprenticing can go hand in hand, though many apprenticeships may require a plumbing degree before you even start the apprenticeship training program.

To pass the plumber's exam, you will need to be well versed in seven specific plumbing areas, such as remodeling, installation, plumbing systems, and plumbing safety. You will also have to successfully complete your apprenticeship, which according to the California Plumber's unions is five years. Once you have done that, you could be earning up to $35 per hour completing jobs, either on an emergency basis or through scheduled appointments.

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