Colorado Plumbers

In order to work as a plumber in the State of Colorado, you must carry either a residential, a journeyman, or a master plumbing license. In order to apply to become a journeyman, you must show four years of total plumbing experience with two years of that being residential experience. A master plumbing license is issue with five years of plumbing experience that is legally documented.

If you have gone through a vocational program within the State of Colorado, you can apply some of your educational training into the work experience time that you need for your licensing requirements. The current ratio is for every six educational hours of training you receive, you can apply one hour of professional work experience to your resume, up to a full year of experience.

The average plumber in the State of Colorado earns about $20 per hour and works around the clock, servicing emergency needs and scheduled appointments. A skills test is required to become a residential plumber, though no other formal education is needed to start your new career. 

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