Connecticut Plumbers

Plumbing is a career field that may not be for everyone because of the hours, the dirtiness, and the sometimes extreme working conditions that can be found on job sites. Because of that, plumbers are one of the consistently highest paying skilled professions in the United States, with many plumbers earning over $30 per hour after they have completed their apprenticeship time.

In the State of Connecticut, the first thing you must do to become a licensed plumber is earn a professional certification or degree from a technical school in plumbing. Without this, you cannot apply to the state's apprenticeship board. Once you have the education and apply for an apprenticeship, however, the state board will match you up with a plumber or organization for you to complete your apprenticeship hours.

You can apply for a license after just two years of an apprenticeship, but many apprenticeships in the state go for up to five years. Then it simply becomes a matter of verifying your apprenticeship program, passing the skills test, and paying the state licensure fees and you too can become a fully licensed plumber in the State of Connecticut.

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