Delaware Plumbers

In Delaware plumbing is a little unique because it has a little bit of a different definition than in other states. In Delaware, you are considered a plumber even if you are working on gas lines. In addition, anyone who does anything with any sort of water, sewage, or gas pipe is considered a plumber.

The State of Delaware offers two licenses for plumbers: a journeyman license and a master plumber license. In order to obtain a journeyman license, you must have worked for a minimum of 7 years under the direct supervision of a master plumber. This experience must be reviewed and approved by a state board. If it is, then you must also pass an exam in regards to your knowledge.

To get your master license, you must be able to prove your journeyman status for at least two years. You may also apply for reciprocity if you have this license level from any other state in the United States.

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