Georgia Plumbers

Georgia is one of the easier states to become a licensed plumber because the requirements are less stringent in this state than others. To start, you only need to have a three year apprenticeship with a Division of Labor approved plumber to be able to apply for your own journeyman license. After paying the appropriate fee, you then take a knowledge exam to test your level of skill.

The State of Georgia has also broken down the master plumbing license into two sections. To get a master's level 1 license, you simply need to have five total years of experience from an approved contractor. You do not need to achieve journeyman status first. A class 1 license allows you to work on residential properties that are single or dual family or on commercial properties that are less than 10,000 square feet.

A Class 2 master's license can also be obtained, and this allows a plumber to work on any property in the state. To obtain this licensure, you must receive five years of commercial or industrial specific training from a state approved contractor, though two years of schooling can substitute for one year of work experience for this license. In whatever instance you choose, however, you can see that the requirements in this state are much easier to achieve.

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