Hawaii Plumbers

The State of Hawaii is known for beautiful beaches, plenty of sun, and plenty of leisure opportunities. It is also a place where you can become a licensed plumber rather easily. Hawaii certifies plumbers in either a journeyman license or a master's license.

In order to achieve the journeyman licensure in the State of Hawaii, you must completed at least five years of state approved training working on plumbing that is in compliance with the Universal Plumbing Code. You must also average at least 2,000 hours of training per year during these five years of apprenticeship in order to qualify to apply to become a journeyman. Once the training has been accomplished, you must then pass a licensure exam based on the Universal Plumbing Code.

To receive your master's license within the state, you simply must be a licensed journeyman for at least two years. You will then have to pass another licensure exam that is based on the Universal Plumbing Code.

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