Idaho Plumbers

The State of Idaho is a bit unique in terms of plumbing licensure because it does not offer a master's license in plumbing. It does, however, offer four plumbing licenses and two additional speciality licenses for contractors that do not wish to become full fledged plumbers. If you've thought about moving to the state that is famous for potatoes, then here is what you need to know.

  • Idaho licenses journeyman, plumbing contractors, speciality contractors, and speciality journeyman. You can specialize in mobile home hook ups in Idaho.
  • To receive your journeyman license, you must complete a four year apprenticeship with a state approved contractor.
  • To receive your plumbing contractor licenses, you must have 30 months of experience as a licensed journeyman and post a $2,000 bond.
  • Speciality licenses are granted to contractors who do not specialize in plumbing work, but need this licensure in order to accomplish a mobile home hook up. These licenses are approved upon application and review of experience. Licensed plumbers in the state do not need a speciality license.

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