Illinois Plumbers

In order to become a plumber in the State of Illinois, you must complete a four year apprenticeship program with a state approved vendor. Some of these vendor programs are actually six years, however, and will include 10,000 hours of real work experience, as well as over 1,000 hours of classroom education. In addition to the apprenticeship program, you must have and/or complete the following:

  • You must complete at least two years of high school.
  • You must be able to complete the Illinois Plumbing Exam after successfully completing your apprenticeship.
  • You must be able to pay for and then keep your licensure as a plumber current with the state.

Plumbers in the state of Illinois in the last reported year of 2010 made over $72,000 in salary that year. As you can see, becoming a licensed plumber does have its advantages, even if you must be on call around the clock for plumbing emergencies. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that in the State of Illinois, the demand for experienced plumbers is quite high, so this salary mark is expected to rise even higher.

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