Indiana Plumbers

Plumbing in the Hoosier state is easy once you know what it takes to get your plumbing license. If you have thought about becoming a plumber in Indiana, then the first thing you are going to need to do is get four years of plumbing experience. That's because to become a journeyman or a plumbing contractor, you need to have a four year apprenticeship program completed or have four years of supervised work experience that is verifiable. Those wishing to become plumbing contractors must have their four years completed under an approved plumbing contractor.

Once the experience has been completed and verified, an exam is all it takes to become a licensed plumber in Indiana. For journeyman plumbers, this includes a written exam and a practical experience exam. For those wishing to become plumbing contractors, testing will also include a drawing section about water distribution and septic systems. You must also demonstrate knowledge of the soil pipe and copper pipe projects to successfully pass the contractor's exam.

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