Kansas Plumbers

Becoming a licensed plumber in Kansas is requires someone who is willing to give up their nights and weekends to help those with emergencies. In the State of Kansas, individual communities and counties have the authority to license plumbers, and each community and county oversight committee has different requirements for what it takes to become a licensed plumber in their territory.

Many areas will require you to complete some sort of apprenticeship program, though not all do. A standard apprenticeship time is about four years or about 10,000 hours – whichever one comes first. Most communities will require you to pass the master plumbing licensure exam for the state as well, which is conducted by a private organization. A business and law exam is also required in many municipalities. It should also be noted that because different areas require different standards, to work in different communities, you may have to take different versions of the exam.

Plumbing businesses in Kansas must also be registered with the state's Department of Revenue.

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