Kentucky Plumbers

The State of Kentucky is unique in its licensing of plumbers because it is one of the few state's that verifies your American citizenship during the verification process. You must have applied for your first papers, have a visa that allows you to work within the country, or provide evidence of your American citizenship to receive a plumbing license. In addition:

  • To become a journeyman plumber in Kentucky, you must have proof that you have completed a minimum two year apprenticeship under the direct supervision of a licensed plumber of either journeyman or master status and be able to pass the journeyman test.
  • To become a master level plumber in Kentucky, you must complete two years of licensure as a journeyman and then be able to pass the master's level exam.

The exams may include written verification of knowledge through essay questions, chart analysis, practical knowledge evidence, and multiple choice questions. To operate your own business in Kentucky, you must have a master's level license. You must have a journeyman license to install plumbing. There are also no reciprocity agreements in Kentucky, so new plumbers must either complete a new apprenticeship or provide evidence of their apprenticeship to begin their two years of journeyman status in the state.

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