Massachusetts Plumbers

In order to become a plumber in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you must have completed three years of apprenticeship within the borders of the Commonwealth. If you are moving into the Commonwealth and are already a licensed plumber, if your license is less than three years old, then you must provide documentation that your previous Commonwealth's licensing process is similar to Massachusetts' requirements. You must also provide a notarized statement from the Keeper of Records that indicates your license is in good standing. To become a journeyman plumber, you must also complete 300 hours of plumbing theory coursework during the three year apprenticeship.

To receive a master's license in Massachusetts, you must have at least one year as a licensed journeyman under your belt with a minimum of 1,700 hours clocked. You must also complete the five tier Plumber Educational Program that is approved by the licensing board.

You must be able to pass the appropriate level's licensure exam, which is $166 or $181 respectively. Passing scores are good for one year only, so if you do not receive your licensure within that timeframe, you must retake the exam. The exam is closed book and is required to receive licensure.

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