Minnesota Plumbers

Minnesota is a state that for plumbers might be described as a regulatory nightmare. Not only do you need licensure for practicing your profession from the state's Department of Labor and Industry, but if you work in a city that has more than 5,000 residents, you will also need licensure from the Department of Health. Before starting any work, you will also need to secure a $25,000 code compliance bond. To get to this level where you need to worry about all of this, however, you will need to complete the following:

  • Though you do not need to have any official apprenticeship to take the journeyman licensure exam, you do need to provide three notarized references that attest to your ability to work as a plumber.
  • Both the journeyman and master's level exams cost $50 and are 5 ½ hours long. All materials are based off of Minnesota Plumbing Codes and Rules.
  • Journeyman licensure costs $55 and is good for 1 year. You must complete 5 years, non-consecutive, as a journeyman to qualify to become a master's level plumber. Experience must be obtained within the state, or through work experience obtained in North or South Dakota.
  • A master's licensure costs $120 and is good for one year. Master's level licensure from another state with documented requirements similar to Minnesota's work to replace experience requirements at this level.

Complete these bullet points and you will be able to achieve the level of plumbing licensure that you need.
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