Montana Plumbers

Montana is the land of big skies, so wanting to become a plumber and running your own business in this beautiful state simply makes sense. Here's what you need to do to accomplish that goal:

To Become a Journeyman Plumber in Montana:

  • To qualify as a journeyman plumber, you must complete either five years of legally obtained work experience under the guidance of a journeyman or master level plumber OR complete a nationally approved apprenticeship program.
  • Pay the $100 exam fee and pass the journeyman exam.
  • Pay the yearly $170 licensure fee.
  • Show evidence of a journeyman or master license from Oregon, Idaho, North Dakota, or South Dakota.

To Become a Master Plumber in Montana:

  • You must have four years of work as a journeyman plumber, with three years of that work being under the direct supervision of a master level plumber.
  • Pay the $100 exam fee and pass the master plumber exam.
  • Pay the $280 yearly licensure fee.

Exams are open book and based off of the 2009 universal plumbing code. Books are not provided to exam participants, meaning that you can bring your own, and all code books are inspected to insure there are no notes written inside of them. That's what it takes to become a licensed plumber in Montana!

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