North Carolina Plumbers

In North Carolina, plumbing licenses are broken down into the standard apprentice, journeyman, and master's level licenses. Instead, there is simply a Class 1 license and a Class 2 license. In order to qualify to take any plumbing exam, a prospective candidate must be able to prove 4,000 years of verifiable work experience. Half of this experience can be through service and maintenance work, but the other half must be through installation, design, and layout work.

The Class 2 license is the lower level of plumbing licensure in North Carolina and it is valid for single family detached residential buildings only. This limits plumbing work to single family homes only as even apartments and condominiums are excluded from these regulations.

A Class 1 license allows a plumber to be able to work within any building in North Carolina. All candidates, no matter what level of licensure they have in other states, must complete a licensure exam in North Carolina. Both class levels have a $100 exam fee with the license being $125 per year. The exam is five hours in length, and that's what it takes to become a licensed plumber in North Carolina

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