New Hampshire Plumbers

The State of New Hampshire might be one of the smallest states in the nation, but it has one of the toughest sets of requirements for getting your plumbing license. An apprentice license does not require an exam, but it does require a $25 yearly fee to renew it. You must be registered in a New Hampshire board approved apprenticeship program.

The second level of licensure in New Hampshire is the journeyman license. To qualify to take the journeyman exam, an applicant must have four years of work experience AND four years of educational experience and these cannot be combined together. In effect, you must complete an eight year apprenticeship. The exam fee is $25 and successful completion entitles you to a one year license that costs $60.

The highest level of licensure in the state is the master's license. You must work as a journeyman plumber for at least six months before you can qualify to take the master's level exam. This exam is also $25 and will cost you $125 for a one year license upon its successful completion.

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