New Jersey Plumbers

Becoming a plumber in New Jersey can be a difficult road, but is one that can have a very successful outcome. It all starts with your ability to obtain an apprenticeship. To enter any apprenticeship, you are given a skills test that will cost you $50 and will test your aptitude toward plumbing. If you pass this test, then you will have to pass a mandatory drug test. Pass both and you're in.

Fast forward five years later – you'll have gained five years of ever increasing responsibility under the guise of a master level plumber. You'll have put in at least 1,700 hours of direct on the job training and you'll have sat through 230 hours of educational coursework that teaches you some plumbing fundamentals. A bachelor's degree in engineering, however, can substitute for four of the five years of training.

A master's level plumbing candidate must be approved by the state. In addition to the education and work experience, you will need to prove that you have or can obtain a $3,000 bond before taking the three part plumbing examination that covers business law, the plumbing trade, and your practical experience. That's what it takes to become a licensed plumber in New Jersey – are you ready?

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