New Mexico Plumbers

New Mexico is a land full of wide open spaces, beautiful vistas, memorable monuments, and big skies. Becoming a plumber in New Mexico just makes sense, and the state offers you two options to become a licensed plumber.

The first option is a journeyman license. To sit for the journeyman exam, you simply need to provide evidence that you have completed two years of relevant experience working in the field. This includes plumbing repair and installation, work on swimming pools, and gas line installation such as with appliances.

The second option is a master license. To sit for the master exam, you must provide four years of relevant work experience that was legally obtained performing the work mentioned above.

All licensed plumbers must provide a bond that may be as much as $5,000 depending on their work loads and contract sizes, or show the state fluid cash reserves or an audited bank statement proving they have the financial capability to cover a contract claim.

And finally, to become a plumber in New Mexico, you must sign a certificate of competence.

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