New York Plumbers

The State of New York has one of the more unique setups when it comes to licensing plumbers. They offer the usual package of a two stage plumbing license, with journeyman and master licenses available. The difference is that anyone can apply for and obtain a journeyman plumbing license without any experience or apprenticeship requirement.

In order to become a master plumber, however, you must demonstrate that you have seven years of valid on the job experience as a plumber within the state. Two of those years can be substituted with a bachelor's degree in engineering. Once you meet those requirements, you qualify to take the master plumber exam that is given by the licensing authority.

The exam itself costs $210 and consists of two parts: a multiple choice written exam and then a practical application exam where you demonstrate your skills in front of the instructors. You must also be able to read, write, and understand English and be of good moral character. Accomplish these and you too can become a licensed master plumber in the State of New York

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