Oklahoma Plumbers

The State of Oklahoma offers history, beauty, and modern convenience all within its borders, so wanting to become a plumber there simply makes good sense. Oklahoma runs all of their plumbing licenses through the Division of Health and they offer the standard package of a journeyman license or a master plumber license. In a unique twist, however, the master plumber is also regarded as a contractor if they pass the business and law exam with their licensure. To take either exam, you must receive a qualification letter from the state.

To qualify as a journeyman plumber, you must provide three years of verified experience that does not involve working with a family member. To take on any work as a journeyman plumber, you must also demonstrate employment through a contractor with your journeyman license.

To become a master plumber, you must have four years of experience in the field. To work as a master plumber as a contractor, you must also be able to post a $5,000 surety bond, apply for worker's compensation coverage through the state, and carry a minimum of $50,000 in general liability insurance.

All licenses are good for one year.

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