Oregon Plumbers

The first thing that you need to know about becoming a licensed plumber in Oregon is that you need to complete an approved apprentice program or have an appropriate level of experience to be able to successfully pass the journeyman licensure exam.

You must take the exam to demonstrate to the state that you have the knowledge to become a plumber. The first part of this test measures your experience level, is three hours long, and will cost $100. If you pass this written exam, you will then be tested on your practical knowledge. If you pass this, you will receive your journeyman licensure.

You must also obtain a contractor's license to conduct business as a plumber. This cost is $325 for a two year license and in order to obtain this license, you will have to carry a surety bond.

Contractor's must also operate under a valid business license. This means you can either operate under your own given name or register a business name and pay the yearly business registration fees.

Journeymen plumbers from other states can apply for a journeyman license.

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