Rhode Island Plumbers

Plumbing is one of the career fields that is consistently growing in the United States, but because it is a skilled position in many states, you need to start early if you want to make it a lifelong career. In the State of Rhode Island, to become a plumber, you must complete 8,000 apprenticeship hours, or about 4 years of apprenticeship service. Though wages for helpers and apprenticed plumbers in Rhode Island average about $25,000 per year, after licensure that average wage more than doubles, to just below $55,000 per year.

Your apprenticeship training in Rhode Island is also supplemented by four mandatory educational courses that are 178 hours each, and these educational hours count toward your apprenticeship time. Conducted and overseen by local community colleges, these are in compliance with the state's official apprenticeship program. With three primary classes of certified plumbers, it takes five years of experience to work up to the master license, though because the apprenticeship is four years, you only would need to complete one year at the journeyman level to apply for your master license

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