South Carolina Plumbers

South Carolina has a unique three tiered licensing system when it comes to working as a plumber. You can choose to follow a traditional route of becoming a journeyman and then a master plumber, or you can choose to become a residential plumber.

To become a journeyman plumber, you must complete four years of work in the plumbing field. This does not have to be an official apprenticeship, but it does need to be legitimate employment. Two years out of those four years must be under the direct tutelage of a master plumber.

To become a master plumber, you must have maintained your journeyman status for a minimum of two years. You must also have a total of four minimum years in the field and successfully complete the master plumber exam. To keep your credentials current, you must take six continuing education credits every year.

To become a residential plumber, you simply need one year of experience working for a master plumber in the field of residential plumbing. This license allows you access to work on single family units only, however, so your business opportunities may be limited.

Licenses from other states are considered, but there is no official reciprocity program in South Carolina.

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