South Dakota Plumbers

The State of South Dakota is known for open prairies, amazing monuments, and the Badlands. It is also a state that has many business opportunities for plumbing candidates, which makes it the perfect state to own a plumbing business. If that sounds like you, then this is what you need to know to make that happen.

South Dakota utilizes a double tier system for licensing their plumbers, but instead of having a master license, they offer plumbing entrepreneurs the opportunity to become a plumbing contractor. To qualify for the journeyman exam that is based on the standard plumbing code, you simply need four years of verifiable experience working as a plumber.

To become a plumbing contractor, you need six total years of experience in plumbing. In addition, at least two of those years you must have been working on your own as a journeyman plumber or working as a plumber for another plumbing contractor.

Each license is good for one year. A journeyman license carries a fee of $130, while a contractor license carries a $260 fee. And that's what it takes to become a licensed plumber in South Dakota.

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