Tennessee Plumbers

Tennessee follows the standard two tiered licensing for plumbers system like many other states, but in Tennessee, it is set up a bit differently. Your licensure as a plumber depends on the largest amount of monetary contracts that you fulfill on a yearly basis. If you fulfill a contract that is worth more than $25,000, then you need a top level licensure, or what is called a plumbing contractor license. If you do not complete jobs at that level, then you need a limited liability plumbing license.

In order to obtain a limited liability license, you simply need to successfully pass a $44 exam that covers the basics and essentials of plumbing tasks.

To become a plumbing contractor, you must complete three years of experience and have this experience be pre-approved by the board that is responsible for licensing contractors. The contracting license exam is $250 and covers two sections that include business law, best practices, and business basics.

A plumbing contractor must always carry worker's compensation insurance. As you can see, knowledge is the primary factor in becoming a licensed plumber, so if you have the knowledge, you can apply to take the limited liability test today.

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