Texas Plumbers

Texas is almost an entire country to itself because of its size. Residents on one end of the state may have to travel over 600 miles to reach another city in Texas, and they never have to leave the state to do it. The State of Texas has a standard dual level licensing approach when it comes to plumbing licenses, handing out both journeyman and master level licenses.

In order to qualify for a journeyman plumbing license, you must have two years of verifiable experience as a plumber within the state. If you are moving to Texas and hold a journeyman or master license, this two year period of time can be waived. There is no reciprocity for a master license. You then must take the $40 journeyman plumber exam and successfully pass it.

To qualify for a master license in Texas, you simply must have held your journeyman license in good standing for at least one year. The master plumber exam costs $175 and you must successfully complete it to hold a master level license.

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