Utah Plumbers

The standards of becoming a licensed plumber in Utah are rather exact. Though they offer a standard two tiered licensing system, offering a journeyman and a residential journeyman license. In effect, this is a normal journeyman and then a master plumber license as in other states, though the residential journeyman does have restriction in Utah.

To become a full journeyman, Utah requires either a four year apprenticeship program or eight years of direct employment training. That includes specific hourly requirements for installation jobs, maintenance, and general industrial pipe work. The residential variation of this license requires a three year apprenticeship or six years of practical work experience.

To work on any commercial properties, a plumber must hold a full journeyman license or be working under the direct supervision of a full journeyman. Licenses are good for a two year period pending the successful completion of a plumbing theory and practical application exam.

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