Washington Plumbers

In the State of Washington, there are a couple of ways you can go about getting your license to be a plumber:

  • You must first become a business. You can file for a business number online with the Division of Labor and Industries for a small fee. You will also need to file for a city license in every city you wish to conduct business within the state.
  • You must also carry at least $100/$300k in general liability insurance.
  • You can then either file to become a general contractor, which allows you to work in any contracting field, or you can choose a plumbing subcategory, which allows you to work only as a plumber.
  • You must have a surety bond to operate as a contractor in the State of Washington. To operate as just a plumber, it takes a $6,000 surety bond, whereas a general contractor must carry a $12,000 surety bond.

To become a plumber, you can either join a plumbing agency and the local union, or you can choose to work independently on your own. Either way, there are no tests or experience exams you must take. You simply need to make sure you have the right insurance and licenses and you can operate as a plumber in the State of Washington.

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